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Rec Baseball Leagues

We offer leagues for all kids from the age of three through 9th Grade

  • Whiffle Ball

    New this year is Wiffle Ball for boys and girls, ages 3 and 4.  Wiffle Ball will be held on Saturday mornings and played on the grass during the Kickball sessions.  Parents will be required to be present.  There will be six sessions of 45 mins.  The Wiffle Ball program will be completely instructional, where kids can learn basic baseball/softball skills such as how to hold a bat, a batting stance, swinging, catching, throwing, etc.

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    Exclusively for kids in PRE-K (ages 4 & 5 only), Kickball provides a great initial exposure to baseball by teaching kids the basics (bases, outs, innings, lineups, positions, etc.). Games are played on Saturday mornings at Lloyd Field.

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    For Kindergarten kids, this is where the skills portion of baseball begins to take shape. Played on Saturday mornings, the first part of each session is spent with skill-development drills which is followed by a short ‘game’ between two teams. The entire lineup bats each inning by hitting off of a ‘T’. Players are encouraged to try to field the ball and make ‘outs’ with their team. There is no winner or loser.

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    1st Grade

    For kids in 1st grade, the level of baseball is increased as the ‘T’ is put away in favor of ‘coach pitch’. Similar to the Kindergarten level, each session will start with a quick skill development session followed by a ‘game’. Games are played Saturdays and are played against other HHK/SR teams as well as the other towns from our district (USR, Allendale). Boys are encouraged to play their assigned positions and mimic a real baseball game.

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    2nd Grade

    For kids in 2nd grade, baseball now takes it up a notch by having kids pitch for the first two innings of each game. The following four innings are ‘coach-pitch’. Games are played against other HHK/SR teams as well as the other towns in our district (USR, Allendale). Strikeouts, walks, and a score is kept. There are no playoffs and no ‘standings’ to keep track of. Skill development takes place during team practice.

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    This division is for 3rd & 4th Grade. The games are a full six innings of kid pitch with an umpire making all calls. A regular season schedule is played, followed by a postseason which results in a championship team. Games are played against other HHK/SR teams as well as other towns in our district (USR, Allendale).

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    This division is for 5th & 6th Grade. The league and game play are simlar to the minors league, with the only difference coming from the field size, which increases to a 50’X70’ field. There are now two umpires. A post season follows the regular season again as the playoffs will crown a champion.

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    This division is for Grades 7, 8, & 9. The teams are ‘mixed’ meaning that players from each town in our district play on the same team. Every year, different towns may join our PONY league making it an exciting opportunity to play somewhere that the kids haven’t played before. Kids in 9th grade who make the High School team should not play Rec PONY baseball.

Rec Softball Leagues

We offer girls softball leagues from 1st grade through 8th grade. 

1st & 2nd Grade

Instructional Softball division for 1st & 2nd Grade girls combined. This level provides a great opportunity for Girls to gain initial exposure to Softball and learn the game.

Minors Softball

This division is for girls in 3rd & 4th grade. A full six-inning softball game is played against other HHK/SR teams as well as other towns in our district (USR, Allendale). Kids will pitch as well as coaches in adherence to the rules that look to make sure the game moves along at the proper pace.

Majors Softball

 This division is for girls in 5th & 6th grade. Girls will pitch for the entire six innings as the mound is pushed back a few feet. This is a great opportunity for Girls to reach the next level of competition.

PONY Softball

This division is for our oldest Girls in grades 7 & 8. Pitching is done from 43’ feet with steals allowed. The PONY division is a great way for our girls to prepare for High School Softball. 

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Learning the Game with your Friends

“Ethan was excited to play baseball in the Ho-Ho-Kus Saddle River Rec league. It was his first time playing organized baseball and the coaches created an easy introduction into the game. They helped him learn rules of the game, fielding, throwing, and hitting techniques, and all while doing it in a fun environment. He was able to play with friends from his class and they had a ton of fun. He received equal playing time throughout the season and developed a strong passion for the game. I’m so glad Ethan participated.”

Ethan, 3rd Grade

You Ask — We Answer

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about the Rec league and season. 

  • How long is the season?

    Our season begins shortly after Spring Break and usually runs until late May/early June. A game schedule will be released in early April.

  • What teams do they play?

    All divisions will play against other HHK/SR teams. Additionally, divisions from second grade and up will also play teams from other towns in our district (Upper Saddle River and Allendale). Older divisions (Majors, PONY) may have other towns that they compete against on a year-to-year basis.

  • Who are the coaches?

     100% of our coaches (Kickball through PONY level) are volunteers. Coaches are all certified via a Rutgers Safety course and a background check is done on all coaching candidates. Coaches are encouraged to promote a fun/safe atmosphere that emphasizes teamwork, discipline, and putting forth the maximum effort.

  • Does my child need baseball experience to sign up?

    No, experience is not required. Coaches will work with players at all levels to help them hone their skills and contribute to their team in some way. The goal of the Rec league is to make sure every child has an opportunity to play multiple positions and receives equal playing time. If there is a safety concern for a player, the coach will address that with the player’s parents and our Board.

  • How often will they practice?

    Practices generally do not occur for divisions below 2nd grade. Coaches choose their own practice schedule but due to game schedules, field availability, and other Spring sports, practices will usually occur once per week.

  • Can I volunteer?

    YES! We are always looking for motivated people in the community to either join our Board OR take advantage of some of the many non-Board volunteer positions that are available during our brief season. Please reach out to us if you are interested in volunteering.

HHK/SR Baseball & Softball Board & Commissioners

The board and commissioners are volunteer parents who meet monthly to discuss different ways to increase participation, engagement and community pride while ensuring a safe, fun and positive environment.  Our goal is to serve the youth in our community and help them excel not only in sports but in life as well.  If you are interested in volunteering or joining the board, please reach out to one of our current board members.

  • Dave Massaro
  • Jeff Fiore
    Vice President
  • To Be Filled
    Sponsorship Manager
  • John Thompson
    Equipment Manager
  • Mike Burton
    Equipment Manager
  • Josh McBride
    Field Scheduling
  • Alex Woller
  • To Be Filled
    Kickball Commissioner
  • Josh McBride
    Minors 3/4th Grade Baseball Commissioner
  • To Be Filled
    Kindergarten T-Ball Commissioner
  • To Be Filled
    1st Grade Baseball Commissioner
  • To Be Filled
    2nd Grade Baseball Commissioner
  • Scott Reddy
    Majors 5/6th Grade Baseball Commissioner
  • Jeff Fiore
    Pony 7/8/9th Grade Baseball Commissioner
  • Rebecca Finley
    Softball Commissioner

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2024 Season Registration is Open