Second Grade Baseball and Softball

This league is for 2nd grade boys (baseball) and girls (softball). Games are played among HHK/SR teams but also against teams from other nearby towns.  Teams are formed mostly by random, however, players known to have previous baseball or softball experience are distributed evenly among the teams. Batters face live pitching for the first time, but coaches stand ready to pitch, if necessary, in order to keep the game moving.  Baseball meets each Saturday and once during the week on Tuesdays or Thursdays, Players are furnished with a uniform consisting of a hat or visor and jersey. Players provide their own pants and may wear plastic cleats or sneakers; metal spikes are not allowed.

2nd Grade Softball:

Second-grade softball takes place on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  Games are on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings.  There are also weekly clinics that take place at either Lloyd Field, Brookside in Allendale as well as Lions Park in USR.

This is an instructional league that introduces players to competitive play.  Score is not kept, but players are taught advance bases and score runs.  Everyone bats.


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